Employee and Manager Relationship

Politics are common in office premises. Sometimes it creates lot of complexities in the organization where it is difficult for you to differentiate between correct and incorrect. Apart from all this, you need to be active and a good team player to develop smooth and healthy relationship in the office. You have to be very conscious about what kind of information do your boss need. Below are some tips which should be kept in mind so that there is harmonious relationship between you and your boss.

Share your ideas with top level

Innovative ideas which improve the business are always appreciated. You should have the courage to present ideas to the higher authorities. Chances are there that your ideas might be brought into action and company may grow, eventually you will be appreciated and rewarded for this.

Share your views regarding company policy and process

Be clear in your point of view regarding the process followed in the company. Speak freely to your boss about the process which suites you. Your approach may help in improving the morale of employees. This may also retaining employees who may work efficiently to improve the productivity.

Learn to say 'No'

Learn to say 'NO' to what you don't agree. It is always good to say' no' if you are overloaded with work and not able to deliver it on time. This kind of activities will be appreciated by managers. But developing the activity of saying no each and everytime may create negative image in front of seniors. Indulging in constructive criticism in office will help in growth of the company.

Try to share your success

Any success in your life especially related to work should be shared with boss. Either it is related to your project or any new application developed or any milestone reached. This kind of attitude will boost your morale. Your new approach towards working style will help seniors to come up with better practices which may bring happiness and enthusiasm to other workers.

As discussed above being open to boss is very good. But to boost your own career you need to hide something from him. Some of the points you should never express to your manager.

You are technically talented, not in business

You should never comment that you do not know the functional expect of business, since you are a technically skilled in your respective field. You sincerity will be recognized more when you participate both in technical as well as business of the company. And you will get importance when you are capable of integrating the current technology to improve the business.

Common solution for everything

After working on a same technology for a longer period of time, generally people cultivate the habit to stick on it. You may become reluctant to shifting to new technologies or new work area. You make yourself in comfortable zone. This kind of conservative characteristics is an obstacle to the progress of the company and non of the manager will appreciate in this competitive world. Try to be flexible and fit in any kind of situations provided to you.

Passing wrong message about your team mates

You have the rights to discuss your issues with manager when your personal relationship with colleagues is hampering the stability of your team. But passing negative comment about them if the task assigned to your team is not completed on time is not encouraged by any of the boss. Bosses are very particulars about the project. Even if you have completed your task try to solve your colleague's issues so that delivery happens on time. This will be appreciated rather that back stabbing them.

Never say It can't be done

You need to analyse the goal set for the specified period and discuss the challenges that will come in completing it in the given period of time. Your initiative will be encouraged by managers and will give them a chance to rethink on the matter once again. But if you say, that it can't be done will give the negative impression. Managers may think that you are scared of taking challenges. Manager always look for positive attitude employees. At adverse condition if nothing works out then stretch yourself to complete the task so that managers can pat your back.

Never provide a news that managers cannot believe

Especially work related news should be provided instantly to him irrespective whether it is good or bad. This will help them to take proper decision instantly. Holding back the issues and finally discussing it in the last moment will exaggerate them and will make everyone to land in no about situation. Manager likes to hear the messages directly rather than twisted one.

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