"Vision"- Starting point of Leadership

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." ~ Albert Einstein

Leadership begins with strong vision. True leader will always have a clear vision of his destination. And this is very much necessary to lead your followers.

How does a person become a visionary?

If we look closely there are certain experiences in life that trigger a vision.

A strong vision will actually come from a seed that is planted in a person's heart in childhood. May be by parent or relatives or some external factors. Exposure to real world and needs will cause the vision to grow.

Person may get attracted by a project after hearing from someone. This attraction will make him work on something similar with slight different focus to fulfil need of public.

Sometimes a need touches someone's heart so deeply that it has to be completed. This strong desire to do something grows and become a strong vision.

Leaders must draw detailed images of where they are trying to lead the team. Without that descriptive vision, followers will focus in multiple and different directions.

Vision is when direction appears It is the start of the rulebook for the game. Without Vision, it is difficult to stimulate followership and results. Every Leader must be able to communicate the existing Vision or create a Vision to help their team gain power and move in the proposed direction. Vision without clarity is an idea not a Vision. A Leader's Vision must come into focus before it can be ranked as Vision.

Vision of Project managers

Any project to be successful, there are goals or objectives that need to be accomplished. Project managers have idea that it requires more effort apart from a good plan to get that success.

Compare to team, Project managers have more information about the importance of the project. What will be the impact of this project on the organization? And many other information that will add values to the project. It is their duty to gather the information about the project and craft a strong vision for themselves, team and for their organization. The vision should help outline and answer as best as possible some of the following:

Common ways people use to respond to conflicts are:

  • Competing.

  • Avoiding generally by ignoring.

  • Cooperating.

  • Accepting or by taking suggestions.

  • Collaborating by working together.

  • People want to know how their performance and contributions will help determine success. Project managers are successful at defining a vision that is clear and more importantly personalized so that each team member can be confident that they are being supported and set up to succeed in the effort.

    The vision is also something that is a living and potentially changing thing. There are many influences that can impact a project many of which are outside of the project manager and the team's control. Top project managers were vigilant to make sure the vision was always current. They made sure that it represented and was applicable throughout the life of the project. Given the number of things that can change from the inception of a project through to its completion, it is up to the project manager to make sure that any new piece of data was taken into consideration for its impact on the vision of the project. If necessary, the vision should be changed to stay in synch with the changing conditions.

    The headlines are riddled with organizations that have great Vision or are distracted from their Vision. The latter is usually followed by declining stakeholder value. A strong leader must take the reins and lead the beast towards a strong Vision. Think of times when you witnessed Vision.

    • What was the event?

    • How did you or the Leaders approach it?

    • What tactics were used to keep the Vision in focus?

    • Was the Vision aligned to higher levels in the organization?

    • Did the Vision become a reality? Why

    Vision is often forgotten or given a low priority. It is very easy to become distracted by life instead your Vision. Day to day events can detour you, putting you in reactive mode. A Leader's compass often starts with a Vision representing true north. From there, they can navigate the rough currents and find that evasive land mass called success.

    Whatever vision you find in your heart it will focus largely on making a difference in the lives of OTHERS.

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